Privacy Policy

Silk Digitizing is very particular about the privacy of its customers.
The trust placed in us by our customers is very important to us.
Any information provided to us by our customers is treated as confidential and private.
We tend to protect the privacy of our customers and our customers by submitting their private information agree to our privacy policy.
  • The information provided to us by our customers may be solely used to process their orders, quotes, invoices, and getting feed-backs about our quality and services.  
  • We may send promotional emails, which help our customers to get the most out of our services.  
  • We do not sell, or distribute our clients' information to third parties.  
  • All the data is secured and encrypted on our servers; we have additional security and safety measures for the data saved on our servers.  
  • We do not take responsibility if information is dispersed to unauthorized personnel who are not part of Silk Digitizing or any other sources which do not fall in the domain of Silk Digitizing.